Boston Winter

No giant snowstorms yet, very pleased to report Boston is easy to navigate this January. It all may change of course but we have a new snowblower to help make our lives simpler. I’m celebrating my one year anniversary working for the City, a big change from the non-profit world. Lots happening which is why … Continue reading

Phantom Gourmet: Ester In Dorchester

Phantom Gourmet: Ester In Dorchester

Originally posted on CBS Boston:
DORCHESTER – She grows her own vegetables, makes her own salt and vinegar potato chips and bakes some of the best apple crisp you’ll ever taste. Her name is Eleanor, but her restaurant is named Ester. For Dorchester native Eleanor Arpino, there’s no place like home. This hard-working restaurateur has…

autumn rolls into winter

Summer’s warmth is long gone and we’re in the high season for a near-frantic schedule of political and community events in Dorchester. There are so many activities going on providing ways to both have a good time and support community-building in our neighborhoods – if you’re interested in finding out where and when stuff in … Continue reading

September 1st

And so hot!  University students are flooding back into the city this weekend, with moving trucks parked all over the place. We avoid downtown Boston until the traffic chaos dies down. Not a problem – great seafood like lobster rolls and fried clams can be had visiting the seashore! We’ve had kind of a strange … Continue reading